Crear red social con wordpress


Crear red social con wordpress
  1. Free Social Sharing WordPress Plugin ( Introduction Video
    1. Cómo crear App ID y App Secret de Facebook para Social
    2. WordPress - Complete Course - AddtoAny Share Buttons (plug in)
    3. BuddyPress Much more than a WordPress plugin

Free Social Sharing WordPress Plugin ( Introduction Video

But the case I want to discuss in this post is the specific configuration. If you already know something about SEO aspects, you will know that a very important aspect is the links. While the incoming links is something that we can not act in a direct way because it depends on another url, the outgoing links we can.

The links that we make to other websites can be nofollow or dofollow. The first ones do not transmit the authority of our website, so it does not harm our SEO. In Divi, the links to social networks are predefined with two aspects that from my point of view are totally negative:

In this video I show you how to do it through a plugin (Divi Booster) and also after checking with ahrefs that does not transfer the authority of our domain is the one I recommend. Those who want more information and the possibility of obtaining the Divi Booster plugin just have to indicate it below in the comments section or through the contact form.

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Cómo crear App ID y App Secret de Facebook para Social

Los miembros pueden registrarse en su sitio para crear perfiles de usuario, tener conversaciones privadas, hacer conexiones sociales, crear e interactuar en grupos, y mucho más. Verdaderamente una red social en una caja, BuddyPress le ayuda a construir un hogar para su empresa, escuela, equipo deportivo, u otra comunidad de nicho.

BuddyPress está disponible en muchos idiomas gracias a los esfuerzos voluntarios de personas de todo el mundo. Consulta nuestra página de traducciones en el sitio de documentación de BuddyPress para obtener más detalles. Si eres políglota, considera la posibilidad de ayudar a traducir BuddyPress a tu idioma.

En el campo de búsqueda escribe "BuddyPress" y haz clic en Buscar plugins. Una vez que lo hayas encontrado, podrás ver los detalles de la última versión, como los comentarios de la comunidad, las valoraciones y la descripción. Instala BuddyPress simplemente pulsando "Instalar ahora".

BuddyPress es un software libre, creado por una comunidad internacional de voluntarios. Algunos colaboradores de BuddyPress son empleados de empresas que utilizan BuddyPress, mientras que otros son consultores que ofrecen servicios relacionados con BuddyPress por encargo. El proyecto BuddyPress no paga a nadie por sus contribuciones.

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WordPress - Complete Course - AddtoAny Share Buttons (plug in)

We created King of App because every time we wanted to create an app, the price was very high and many customers could not afford it, the solutions we found were closed, they did not allow us to access the code, customize the apps or add new features, so we created KOA, an Open Source solution that was born with the idea of being able to create apps with web tools and reuse the code. In this way, the effort of a project is multiplied with the effect of the community.

The process of creating an app and a web are different, the process of publishing a mobile app in the iOS and Android markets, so we have created an automated system to make the process easier for you, and like this service we have many more so that creating apps has no limits for you.

If you want to start your own app creation business you have come to the right place, we will provide you with a 360 degree solution: A software without limits that allows you to scale and is transparent, testing and self-publishing tools, tools to manage the maintenance of your apps, training academy and technical support. With this presentation you will understand what you need to create a successful business.

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BuddyPress Much more than a WordPress plugin

I've already written many times about WordPress desktop. I have a tutorial on this topic, and you know what I think: It's totally unused. In fact, I even wrote another tutorial on how to customize WordPress desktop with various plugins and desktop widgets to take advantage of it.

But a couple of days ago that Jeff Starr, a WordPress semi-God, has released a new free (but worth all the gold in the world) plugin, which is a delight, and I am compelled to share it with everyone, because it's really good.

The plugin itself is called Dashboard Widgets Suite and allows us to customize the desktop to give real utility, depending on our needs. You can download it from the official repository, because as I said, it's free.

In addition, at the top of the list we have a link to "Customize widgets", which sends us to the configuration options page of the plugin. This is the same as going to "Settings / Dashboard Widgets".  There we find the following:

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